DOOARS - a nature lover's paradise

The features of Dooars

Duars, the doorway to the northeast, is a fertile bed of soil that sits beneath the Himalayan foothills & is flanked by the sparkling waters of Teesta & Sankosh. It stretches across an extensive region, covering six national parks & wildlife sanctuaries along the districts of Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri & Coochbehar. The entire region is aesthetically canopied by sals, khair, teak, simul & siris trees, dotted by several private resorts & government lodges that let you peek a glimpse at Nature in a more intimate manner as compared to any other touring destination.

Things to do

Then definitely go for exclusive jeep rides to the wildlife sanctuaries to witness the gaurs, chitals, leopards, Asian elephants, Royal Bengal tigers, Indian wild hogs, sloth bears, Indian wolves, Giant squirrel, rhinos and deer in their natural habitats. The sanctuaries in Dooars have exclusive tree houses strategically built near the salt licks & man made ponds where tigers, leopards, elephants, and deer come to lick the salt and drink water on a regular basis. Trek through the fragrant orange orchards of Suntaleykhola and explore the toy sized settlements that decorate the vast stretches of paddy fields. Visit the ruins of the Buxa Fort that once held the prisoners in confinement during the colonial times. Rejuvenate yourselves in the serene resorts that perch at the lap of nature, offering you an ideal offbeat recluse.

Places to Explore

  • Gorumara National Park
  • Buxa Fort
  • Chapramari Wildlife Reserve
  • Samsing & Suntaleykhola
  • Neora Valley
  • Bindu
  • Chalsa
  • Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary

The cuisine of Dooars

Being flanked by numerous streams that join the rivers Teesta & Sankosh, Dooars offers fresh seafood to the locals. Their cuisine is akin to the food eaten by the population of mainland West Bengal. Fish cooked in a tangy tomato mustard gravy is very popular. It is also prepared in a broth made out of crushed cumin seeds and chilies. Fish broths served with steamed rice is a staple for the locals. They are even fond of eggplant fritters, potato fritters, fried bread served with spicy potato lentil soup.

Dooars's weather

March to June is Summer.
July to August witnesses Monsoon.
September to October entails Autumn
Winter lasts from November to February.

Reach Dooars

The nearest airport in Bagdogra connects Dooars to all the main cities in India. Rented/reserved vehicles are easily available from Bagdogra (83kms).

Many North Bengal State Transport Corporation & private mini buses commute to Dooars from towns like Siliguri & Darjeeling.

The nearest railheads to Dooars are the Madarihaat Railway Station & NJP Railway Station.